The tip is currently CLOSED

Our operating hours are changing. From July 1 Landfill will close at 4pm every day.

When is the tip open?

Monday – Friday:   7.30am – 4pm

Saturday:   9am – 4pm

Sunday:   9.30am – 4pm

Closed Good Friday and Christmas Day.   Note – wind conditions can force temporary closures during normal hours, read more here.

Please note:

No controlled waste/asbestos accepted after 2.30pm on any day – please read our FAQ before bringing asbestos to the landfill.
No commercial loads of asbestos accepted on the weekend.
No commercial loads of Waste accepted after 3.30pm on weekdays.

Free Waste Weekend:

All Glenorchy residents are invited bring their additional waste or oversized waste items to the Jackson Street Landfill and pay no entry fees on Saturday, 4 and Sunday, 5 December 2021. This annual event is only for people who live in the Glenorchy municipality. To find out more, please see ‘More Frequently Asked Questions’.

More Frequently Asked QuestionsDownload Waste Management Strategy 2020

Why does the tip close when it’s windy?

When it’s windy, it becomes risky for visitors, staff and vehicles – it only takes a second for a small, sharp piece of metal to cause injury or damage. We also cannot risk rubbish being blown onto the road or into nearby gardens. The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has set a wind limit of 15kms per hour for the Jackson Street landfill – any higher and we have to close until the wind drops. We have a weather station on-site that tells us when it becomes unsafe. As our Landfill is based in a large bowl near the foothills of Mt Wellington/kunyani, we get strong north and south winds, plus we also get a special type of wind called ‘katabatic’ – this wind picks up speed as it goes downhill. It may not be windy nearby, but the tip can be getting dangerous wind gusts, so we have to close to keep people safe. Please keep checking this website as we update it as close as possible to real-time.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Live Video Streams

The Tip

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The Front Gate

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What does it cost?

Minimum gate fee$12 per visit
Passenger tyres$10 each
Light truck/4WD tyres$20 each
Clean fill (conditions apply)#$22/tonne
Green waste/vegetation$79/tonne
General waste – domestic GCC residents $84/tonne
(cars and single axle trailers only)
General waste – commercial/large vehicles and non-GCC residents$104/tonne
Mixed waste – commercial/industrial/construction (by negotiation) $157/tonne
Mattresses$20 each
Domestic quantity of double wrapped asbestos$50/bootload
$100/small trailer load
Asbestos/controlled waste/special burial (conditions apply)$150/special waste handling fee

A driver’s licence or valid ID will need to be presented to the tollbooth operator to receive the discounted general waste rate. The discretion of the tollbooth officer is final.
#Clean fill: maximum particle size of 200mm, which is suitable for cover material at the landfill and contains no organic material, steel, wire or timber.
*Brick/concrete/rubble: includes building & demolition waste, rock fill,road pavement material, concrete & bricks but excluding large quantities of timber & clean fill.

We’re extending the tip – work to begin in September 2021

At the March 2021 Council meeting, approval was provided to award the contract for design and construction of the landfill extension to Downer EDI.

We will work closely with Downer EDI to complete the final design for the new extension cell including seeking final approval from the Environment Protection Authority in Tasmania before work begins. Construction is forecast for commence in September 2021 with an estimated completion in February 2022. This extension is expected to increase the lifespan of the Jackson Street landfill by approximately 10 years.

Why are we extending the landfill?

The current cell at the landfill is close to capacity. It is expected to close toward the end of 2022. The first goal of Council’s Waste Management Strategy is to promote the sustainable management of resources. One objective under the strategy is to ensure appropriate use of the Jackson Street landfill and maximise its life, with a corresponding action to extend the landfill.

Working alongside proactive Waste initiatives in Glenorchy, such as the introduction of the Food Organic Garden Organic kerbside collection, we will continue to sustainably manage our city’s resources, encourage the diversion of useful resources away from landfill and plan for the future.

To read our Council Waste Management strategy please click here

To get in touch with us please call us on 6216 6800 or email your enquiry to

Free Drop-Off Recycling

The Jackson Street tip also has a free drop-off area for hard-to-recycle items. There are big skip bins and smaller bins for different items, please make sure that you use the right bins, and we can make sure your efforts don’t go to waste (or into landfill). The free drop-off area can be found on the left-hand side of the road before the tollbooth, opposite the Recovery Shop. Can’t find your item in the list but know it is recyclable? Look it up on our interactive map on Glenorchy City Council’s Waste Website.

The recycling centre will accept

  • paper and cardboard
  • pizza boxes (with food scraps removed and lid separated)
  • all see-through green, brown and clear glass bottles and jars
  • aluminum and steel cans, including aerosol cans, oil cans and empty (dry) paint cans
  • plastic containers with numbers 1–5
  • milk and juice cartons.
  • batteries
  • gas bottles
  • oil

The recycling centre CANNOT accept

  • domestic household rubbish
  • computers, car parts or furniture
  • wood, rope or string
  • ceramics and porcelain, pyrex cookware, mirrors or window glass, light globes, sheet glass and poison bottles
  • plastic bags, cling-film, foam or polystyrene
  • nappies, syringes
  • garden/organic waste
  • clothing or shoes

How to get around at the tip

Follow directions from the weighbridge staff and follow the signs at the disposal area. You will find the green waste area on the left as you reach the top of the hill. The tip face for the general waste and whitegoods is to the right.  Click here to download a guide to the different drop-off areas at the landfill.

How to get here

GLENORCHY CITY COUNCIL   |   374 Main Rd, Glenorchy TAS 7010   |   PO Box 103, Glenorchy Tas 7010   |   (03) 6216 6712   |