Frequently Asked Questions

Glenorchy City Council has recently reviewed its Waste Management Strategy. We are now continuing to work with the community to achieve our vision for Glenorchy as a clean and healthy city, a city we are proud of, where waste is minimised, and resources are conserved for the future. Council is committed to providing affordable, cost-effective and environmentally sound waste services for the community.

It is anticipated that the current landfill area at the Jackson Street Waste Management Centre will close in 2022. Council is developing a business case to construct a new cell in the quarry area at Jackson Street that will extend the life of the landfill beyond 2030

Why might the landfill close in 2022?

The current landfill in Jackson Street is nearing its capacity. We have reduced our disposal rates and at our current disposal rate, we expect the landfill to be full by 2022.

What is Council doing to extend the life of the landfill?

Council is doing a range of things to extend the life of the landfill, including:

  • the introduction of a Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) kerbside service to divert green and organic waste from landfill. This was recently approved by Council and more information can be found here.
  • working with our community and businesses to reduce the amount of waste generated;
  • working with businesses and other users to separate and divert waste away from landfill;
  • improved systems for managing and covering waste on site; and
  • ongoing education in schools.

Could a new landfill be built in the municipality?

There are no viable alternative sites for opening other new landfills in the municipality. If Council decides not to extend the Jackson Street landfill then Council and the community will need to use other facilities and services to dispose of waste to landfills outside the municipality.

If the landfill closes, will the Recovery Shop stay open?

The Recovery Shop is a business that is not owned or managed by Council. The owners have indicated that they intend to continue its operation.

What would happen to the landfill area if it closes? Would it be covered over or turned into a recreational area?

Council would need to decide on this, however the landfill area needs to be covered over and rehabilitated as part of the closure. Council would engage with the community in respect to possible future uses.

If the landfill opening is extended until 2030, how will the new section be constructed?

The old quarry area will be lined with drainage material, geofabric and clay to protect the surrounding area and groundwater, in accordance with industry best practice and Environmental Protection Authority requirements.

Would the construction of a new section at the landfill be expensive?

Council is currently investigating the costs and will consider the business case as part of its capital works program planning.

Would the construction of a new section at the landfill mean that there would be lots of increased traffic, dust and noise?

No, the traffic, dust and noise related to operating the landfill would not increase under this proposal. Traffic, noise and dust during the construction is expected to be minimal and will be staged to avoid impacting the community.

Where will the extension to the landfill be located? Is there a site plan?

The business case is looking into the feasibility of extending the landfill into the unused quarry adjacent to the current landfill and within the existing site boundaries. A site plan will be made available if the business case stacks up and a design is approved.

Why have there been changes to the charges at the landfill?

The changes at the landfill are one of the measures that Council is undertaking in assisting with the ongoing separation and diversion of waste from landfill. The new fees bring Council in line with charges at other waste transfer facilities within Greater Hobart.

Council previously utilised volumetric assessment for a significant amount of general waste. This resulted in residents and businesses from across Greater Hobart using Jackson Street as a cheap place to dispose of waste. The weighing of waste from large loads and commercial vehicles and the changes to fees provide a fairer system of waste disposal while not impacting on light loads from residents.

What happens next?

Council is considering the business case for the construction of a new cell in the quarry area. The business case includes feedback and address the concerns from residents, schools and businesses in proximity of the landfill. This was presented at the Council meeting on Monday 27 May 2019.

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