Free Entry Weekend – Jackson Street Landfill

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about this event. Please contact Council if you do not find below the answer you need, on 6216 6800 or

QN: When is the next Free Waste Weekend?

The next Free Waste Weekend event dates are to be advised. This event is subject to suitable weather conditions at the landfill. We will monitor forecast conditions and, notify the public of any changes.


QN: What WASTE is accepted for free during this event?

All domestic volumes of mixed waste that can safely fit inside a car, ute or single axle trailer.  Domestic volumes of DIY materials e.g. window frames from renovations or bricks and rubble, are accepted if they fit inside a domestic trailer.

Double or dual axle trailers and trucks will be charged by weight at the normal rate.

There is no top weight limit for free entry, but the waste must fit safely inside a domestic car, ute or single-axle trailer.

Residents will still need to separate their waste at the landfill, for example the green waste area, metals and white goods area.

Please note – our landfill is filling up quickly, please check first for items that can be recycled.  For example, broken electrical and electronic items and accessories should be recycled via local drop-off locations. Not sure?  Look up items on our waste map or our Recycle Coach App (download from your App store).

Car and household batteries should be recycled via local drop-off locations – look up on our waste map or on our Recycle Coach App (download from your App store).


QN: What WASTE will be charged for?

Mattresses will be charged at the normal rate of $20 (this covers their processing fee).

Passenger tyres will be charged at $10 each.  Light truck/4WD tyres $20 each.

Fees will be applied at the Tollbooth on entry.


QN: What WASTE will be rejected?

Any type of waste that is considered commercial e.g. from a business or manufacturer.  This will be charged at the usual rate.

Asbestos or hazardous waste will not be accepted.

IMPORTANT:  Paint cans and any container that once held oil or chemicals must be dropped off BEFORE entry to the Landfill. Drop these off at the FREE Recycling Centre on the left-hand side of the road before the Tollbooth (opposite the Recovery Shop).  Please note that these items are free to drop off at any time of the year.


QN: Do I need to separate my waste?

Yes.  Landfills are strictly regulated and waste separation and reporting is an important part of this.  Waste separation also lets us recover resources where possible.  Please follow all signs – there are areas set up for tyres, glass, green waste, construction waste, clean fill, white goods and metals and mattresses. For a handy, downloadable guide to drop off areas click here (JPG file, 461KB).


QN: Will I be turned away if some of my waste load is rejected?

The tollbooth works on a weigh in / weigh out system and your load will be checked for the rejected items on the way out.  The decision of the tollbooth operator and landfill staff are final.


QN:  Who gets free entry?  

The free entry weekend is for all residents in the Glenorchy municipality – if your driver licence lists your address as Austins Ferry, Berridale, Chigwell, Claremont, Collinsvale*, Derwent Park, Dowsing Point, Glenlusk*, Glenorchy City, Goodwood, Granton, Lenah Valley*, Lutana, Montrose, Moonah, Rosetta or West Moonah there will be no cost for disposing of excess waste at the landfill over this weekend. *Applies to residents who are part of the Glenorchy Council area,  not Hobart or Derwent Valley Councils.


QN:  What ID do I need?  

You must show a current drivers licence with a Glenorchy residential address.  Drivers licences are required for access to the landfill at all times of the year. If you don’t have a drivers licence then the Tollbooth operator will need to record your photo ID and matching proof of address.  Please note that this event is for Glenorchy municipality residents only, waste from out-of-area will be charged at the normal rate.


QN: Can I come more than once over the weekend?

Yes, provided you are a Glenorchy municipality resident. Tollbooth operators and landfill staff reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who may be breaking this rule – this event is for Glenorchy municipality residents only.


QN:  When is the best time to come?

This weekend is popular with residents.  We roster on extra staff, who will move down the line and check ID and waste items to help move cars along as quickly as possible – please have your ID ready.

Please do not hold up the queue by bringing the wrong types of wastes to the tollbooth.  Rude and aggressive behaviour will mean immediate refusal to the landfill and will hold everyone else up.

Cars may be asked to pull to the side of the road if the queue impacts traffic movement in the area.


QN: How does Council let residents know?

We advertise this weekend on our Annual Waste Calendar, in Council’s quarterly newsletter, circulated to residents and ratepayers, and promote it as an event on our Facebook page and our RecycleCoach App.   In addition to the Jackson St Landfill website, it’s also on our WasteStartsWithU website and as a news announcement on our GCC website.  As a courtesy to residents and businesses in the immediate area, we also provide advance notice just in case there are any traffic impacts.


QN:  What will happen if it’s really windy over the weekend?  Will the event be cancelled?

Unfortunately Council cannot control the weather, and EPA regulations require us to close the Landfill temporarily if wind on the tip-face exceeds 15kms/hour as the wind can cause objects to fly around and become a risk for visitors, staff and vehicles.

We watch the weather forecast and will make announcements two days before the start date on our websites, Facebook and RecycleCoach if the forecast looks too windy or if heavy rain will mean the event needs to be cancelled.

If winds are gusty, we may have to close temporarily, and we will let people know as soon as we know the wind limit has been exceeded.   Please check our Jackson Street Landfill website front page regularly for real time updates, and if you are a Facebook user, mark yourself as ‘going’ to the Facebook event – the guest list will be private, but we will be able to send out a message if the event has been cancelled.


 QN: Do Council tell the Recycling Centre staff / Recovery Shop staff?

Yes.  Council will roster more staff to help residents at the Recycling Centre.   The Recovery Shop (Tip Shop) also puts on more staff for this weekend – check their website for opening hours here (external site).


 QN:  Why doesn’t Glenorchy Council do free hard waste pick-up?

We have assessed the costs and logistics of free kerbside hard waste collections a number of times, but for the Glenorchy Council area the OH&S risks of kerbside dumping of hard waste are too high (wind blown litter, road safety, hazardous items etc.).   It’s also very expensive to run, which means that introducing hard waste pick-up events could increase rates for all residents, not just residents who have large hard waste items to dispose of.


QN:  Why doesn’t Glenorchy Council do free Tip Vouchers with Rates Notifications?

Rates Notices are sent to property owners, many of whom do not live in the Glenorchy municipality and may not pass on the vouchers to their tenants.  Free Waste Weekends are only for Glenorchy residents who occasionally produce extra-large volumes or over-sized domestic waste.   Fortnightly kerbside waste, recycling and FOGO bins fit the needs of the vast majority of Glenorchy residents, with Jackson Street Landfill a convenient user-pays option for the remainder of the year.

The three key goals of Glenorchy Council’s Waste Strategy are to

  1. Promote the sustainable management of resources
  2. Provide convenient and affordable waste services that meet the needs of the community
  3. Minimise the negative impacts of waste on the natural and built environments.

The Jackson Street Landfill is expensive to run and filling up fast.  When assessed as part of the Waste Strategy, the cost of introducing and managing Tip Vouchers do not meet all three criteria.


QN:  I do a spring clean for this weekend, but have items that could be useful to someone else?

There are many ways to repurpose, reuse or recycle unwanted items, which gives them another use, saves money, helps the environment by reducing the waste stream and the need to use up virgin materials and /or can help someone else.

Before you come to the landfill, check to see if:

  1. Can you repurpose it? The internet has hundreds of ideas for repurposing old or damaged items into something else as an alternative to landfill.
  2. Are the items in good working order e.g. clothes, toys or household items? Would you give it to a friend?  Put it aside and donate to an Op Shop or Recovery Shop.
  3. Should it be recycled elsewhere e.g. batteries, e-waste, mobile phones, old stationery, dental products, eye glasses, x-rays, etc? There are many options available these days for recycling things that can’t go into kerbside recycling bins – look up on our waste map or on our Recycle Coach App (download from your App store).
  4. Are their opportunities to donate your unwanted items to local fundraising groups? Some schools and businesses raise money through collecting certain items for recycling or on-selling.
  5. Is it made of metal? You can get paid for your metal at a metal recyclers.
  6. Is it organic e.g. garden waste? Use your FOGO bin.

By reducing your waste footprint and keeping items circulating instead of buried in a landfill, you save resources for our future generations.  For ideas, inspiration and to learn more visit our waste website: